New Memberships


If you're a new member there are two ways to join ADTCA. These are listed below:

  • Use the online membership form
  • If applying for Combined Membership please complete the TSANZ application form: TSANZ Membership form
  • Download the PDF version of the membership application form and email, fax or mail your form to us along with payment as instructed on the form.

Membership Categories are as follows:


Ordinary membership: 


(i) Clinical Member - An individual or organisation whose professional responsibilities are directly involved with coordinating and facilitating the organ and tissue donation and transplantation process.


(ii) Non Clinical Member - An individual or organisation whose professional responsibilities are directly involved with organ and tissue distribution, administration of donation and transplantation programmes, and organ and tissue donation and transplantation education.


Associate membership:


Any person or organisation that has an interest in organ and tissue donation and transplantation is eligible for nomination for Associate Membership. Associate members shall have the privileges of Ordinary Members of the Association, except that of holding office and voting rights.


Combined ADTCA/TSANZ membership:


This is combined membership of ATCA and the Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ). (Please see below important additional information.)


Important Information Re: Combined Membership


Members who wish to take out combined ADTCA/TSANZ membership are offered a reduced rate for TSANZ membership fees.  A separate Membership application form for TSANZ will need to be completed (download from and submitted at the same time as your ADTCA membership application.  This form must be signed by two Full Members of TSANZ.


Combined members will be entitled to Affiliate Membership of TSANZ, and thus will not have voting rights as per Full Members.  Any person wishing to have full, active rights as a member of TSANZ is advised to seek separate membership.


If applying for combined ATCA/TSANZ membership, payment will not be processed until both the ADTCA and TSANZ application forms have been received by the ATCA Treasurer.  TSANZ application forms click here

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Fees are inclusive of GST and in Australian dollars. 


ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP                          $ 110         

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP                        $ 80.00     

Combined ATCA/TSANZ MEMBERSHIP      $ 210        


3yr membership

ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP                          $ 300  

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP                        $ 210  

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